For this year the competition is currently behind us and we need to thank so many people for their kind help and supports so here it comes:

The new exciting competition POLE EMOTIONS 2014 is behind us and we can sure call it a success!

The final of the international competition POLE EMOTIONS 2014 took place in Brno at the Dance Life Expo on 8th November 2014. And we would like to thank everyone who participated in this event. Organization of such a big event on the huge dance exhibition wasn´t easy at all, but our great team did a perfect job and the incredible outcome was fabulous!
Firstly we would like to thank all the competitors. We saw ncredible performances, amazing ideas and a great atmosphere during the final day and all thanks to you! Congratulations to all competitors regardless of their results!

Lenka Hůlková Anastasia Akentyeva Pavlína Neveselá Aleksey Poryadnov
Jana Kozlová Alexandra Kalousová Tereza Seidlová Simone Fluhr
Zuzana Fialová Anna Nikulina Vanda Marešová Irina Mauch
Daniela Belletato Michaela Hykyšová Lucia Štulrajterová Anna Špalková
Alžběta Moravcová Kateřina Hvastja Ekaterina Neznakhina Denisa Kudláčková
Ada Bielecka Kamila Urbanová Nikolett Molnar Olga Yasinska
Dorottya Szabo Rigó Bianka Roman Gemrot Vita Grigová
Jana Jagošová Szilvia Molnar Lenka Huňková Nikol Heyrovská
Petra Kijonková Ivana Ivkovic Eva Glogarová Ivana Valeková
Stanislava Peratová Hana Plachetková Eva Pernická Juraj Janík
Pavel Kolář Barbara Neundlinger Natálie Pernická Conny Aitzetmueller
Mona Arbinger Kateřina Hrubá


Thanks to them all! This competition couldn´t happen without them. We appreciate your support and cooperation!

Coordinators and volunteers, who helped during preparations competition or during competition.

Eva Séglová Jaroslav Mareš Shiva Zuzana Tóthová
Tamara Šumberová Marie Přítulová Klára Kaňová Nikola Palková
Iva Stařinská Tereza Benešová


Also big respect belongs to our great jury and wonderful coordinators, who did a quick and quality work:

Alex Shchukin Dmitry Politov Yvonne Smink Maria Contreras
Yulia Kolesova Pavla Brožová Eva Séglová


Big thanks to our jury for their unbelievable performances:

Alex Shchukin Dmitry Politov Yvonne Smink Yulia Kolesova


Thank very much for the support to our main media partner Pole Mania!

SUNPOLE64 copy
SUN POLE, Marcin Grzywaczewski and Karolina Grzywaczewska for great job and suppling poles not just for the competition, but also for workshops.


Štěpán Páťal a Lukáš Řádek: photo

Hanka Koutná: she was an awesome host as always

Zuzana Klokočniková, Jakub Hán and Ondřej Havlík: video

Michal Nejezchleb and Dance Life Expo to supplying the great stage and backstage for competitors, jury, organizers and volunteers.

Big thanks to our sponsors and partners for their support and advertising:

SILUET Sports Wear and Pole shop for financial support

SILUET Sports WEAR                       02-pole-shop-logo-iz35u


Mania fitness wear for constant help and support





Studios Tancelář and Pole Škola for help and support

pole_skola tancelar_logo_bile




We apologize if we forgot about someone. We would like to thank all who helped even if it was the tiniest of things. And our thanks belong also to the audience, who altogether with the competitors created an incredible atmosphere!

Big thanks to all!



Olga Marešová (Strom)

Denisa Nováková



We know pole dancers love to compete and we love to watch it! Therefore there is a new exciting international competition in the pole wordl – The POLE EMOTIONS!

The concept of the competition is designed to allow you to unveil as much of your artistic side as possible. Everything is allowed (well, almost everything) – see the rules for details on that. So don’t hold back, unleash your fantasy and show us your true self! There’s one good reason to do it and it’s called:


The POLE EMOTIONS pole show extraordinaire is a part of a much bigger event – the Dance Life Expo. DLE is the biggest festival of dance happening yearly in the Czech Republic, a place all dance enthusiast from all around Europe need to be when the time comes.

Competition takes place on 8th of November 2014 in Brno/Czech republic within an exhibition Dance Life Expo. Address is Brno, Výstaviště 1, 647 00 – sector E (near Holiday Inn hotel).

POLE EMOTIONS 2014 is about emotions, expression, originality and creativity. Competitors can choose their own style that incorporates dance of any type, humor, comedy, parody, love story, drama, pantomime, etc. – just use your imagination!

Competition will have only one category for the best show, which includes: soloists (men, women), doubles (one gender or mixed) or groups (one gender or mixed) and open to Competitors of all nationalities.Points will be awarded for stage presence, emotions and artistic expression, originality, creative use of costume, accessories, requisites, props, stage decorations, music, sounds and anything else the Competitors see fit to include into their performances.

The Competition is divided into two rounds the video qualification and grand finals. 20 competitors with the most original and creative performances will be chosen by judges. Wild card will be given to competitor who wins sms voting.

For more details on the rules please visit our rules section.

As much fun the competition will be for the competitors that much an unforgettable experience it will be for the spectators – you do not want to miss out on that! Make sure you get your tickets on time. Tickets can be bought from DLE and will grant you the access to whole amazing event filled with exciting shows and performances, workshops with professional dancers, shopping and more.

The POLE EMOTIONS is also a wonderful possibility to gain more exposure for your product or business. An event full of dance enthusiasts is the perfect occasion to reach your target audience. Please see our sponsorship section for detailed information and do not hesitate to contact us anytime should you have any additional questions.