POLE EMOTIONS 2014 is an international pole dance competition (named further as POLE EMOTIONS 2014 or Competition) is a project of CPASF and DLE (named further as Organizers).

Competition takes place on 8th of November 2014 in Brno/Czech republic within an exhibition Dance Life Expo. Address is Brno, Výstaviště 1, 647 00 – sector B, entrance to the exhibition throw sector E (near Holiday Inn hotel).

General Rules

Pole Emotions 2014 is about emotions, expression, originality and creativity. Competitors can choose their own style that incorporates dance of any type, humor, comedy, parody, love story, drama, pantomime, etc. – just use your imagination!

Competition will have only one category for the best show, which includes: soloists (men, women), doubles (one gender or mixed) or groups (one gender or mixed) and open to Competitors of all nationalities.

Monetary prize for the winner is 1000 €.

Points will be awarded for stage presence, emotions and artistic expression, originality, creative use of costume, accessories, requisites, props, stage decorations, music, sounds and anything else the Competitors see fit to include into their performances.

The Competition is divided onto two rounds:

At the competition will be used 45mm poles of 4m height. Spinning pole is on the right hand from the position of the audience, static on the left. Distance between the poles is 3m.

Application process

All Competitors should apply via the application form at and pay application fee per performance: 30€/20€ (for CPASF members) or 800CZK/500CZK (for CPASF members).

Application deadline is 1st of October 2014.

Competitor is allowed to send more than one application form. This means Competitor can apply with more than one routine.

On behalf of Competitors under 18 years a legal representative or trainer has to fill in the application form and he/she needs to show document signed by parent or legal guardian, which states that the Competitor is allowed to take part in Competition.

Costume and performance

Competitors can use any type of costume except excessively sexual and during the performances allowed taking off parts of costume if after taking them off the Competitor will remain properly dressed. Men are allowed to show naked upper body.

Footwear: ballet/jazz/gymnastics/sport shoes, nothing, high heel shoes with platforms no more than 1cm if they are not danger to Competitor/Competitors and /or public and judges. The shoes must not reach above the ankle.

Accessories, requisites, props and stage decorations are welcome but they should be installed and completely removed in under 2 minutes.

Body art and theme oriented makeup is allowed as long as it does not stain other Competitors, poles and stage.

Hair and accessories should not hinder the performance.

It is not allowed:

  • Explicitly sexual moves.
  • To perform topless or wear underwear such as thong or any erotic lingerie.
  • Any kind of unsuitable nudity (showing breast or intimate body parts will immediately disqualify the Competitor).
  • To use animals.
  • To use liquids, fire, latex, needles, etc. as well as any other materials that can cause danger to Competitors and/or public and/or jury and which can damage poles and/or stage.

Using gloves, knee and ankle protectors is allowed based on medical reasons. In this case during the registration process the Competitor is obliged to supply a proper document signed by their doctor.

For stronger grip Competitors are allowed to use the following products: Mighty Grip, Liquid Chalks, Dry Hands. During the Competition the Competitors are not allowed to use any king of body balms, wax or lotions that can damage poles and/or stage or can make the poles slippery for other Competitors. Using of iTac, Stickum Grip, Rosin Grip, Gorilla Grip and sprays is not allowed.


Length of the performance is a 3:30 – 4:00 minutes. Original mixes are allowed however inappropriate or vulgar music can’t be used – unethical content, vulgar language, racism, sexual harassment, any support of terrorism, propagation of drug abuse, propagation of unhealthy life style, etc.

Music should not be repeated; the privilege of using it will be given to the Competitor that submitted it as the first.

Deadline for submitting the music is 15th of October 2014. Finalists should send their music in high quality prepared for the performance to in mp3 format.

On the Competition day Finalists should provide CD with the same music at the registration desk (only one song per CD). CD must be signed with name of the Competitor and length of the music.

Rights and Responsibilities

All Competitors:

  • Need to have an ID document (passport, resident’s card, ID card, etc.) and health insurance valid during Competition.
  • Are responsible for their personal belongings during the Competition; Organizers do not bear the responsibility for their potential loss or damage.
  • Enter the competition at own risk and free will. All Competitors are fully responsible for their personal health condition and the ability to perform at the Competition. All competitors are obliged to avoid performing tricks that could lead to injury.
  • Are not allowed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to take forbidden stimulants before and during the Competition.

Any contact between Competitors and Judges is strictly forbidden before and during the Competition.

Judges reserve the right to stop any performance in case of health and safety risk or to disqualify Competitor that is breaking the rules.

Judges’ decision is final.

Photo and video:

  • All Competitors should be available for a photo/video shooting and interviews at any time before, during and after the Competition.
  • Competitors have no right to be reimbursed for any photos or videos captured during the Competition. All visual materials remain the property of Organizers.
  • Competitors explicitly agree that all visual documentation (incl. qualification’s video) can be used by Organizers for promotion, advertising and commercial purposes.

Organizers reserve the right to amend Competition rules at any time.